Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carry On Gang "On the Way to 60"

Real Walks, Real Birdhouses

"Walkn and workshopn. Off we GO"

I didn't go shopping. I didn't sit home and eat cake. I kicked off the latest version of the month of March by walking four miles with Don, down by the river. Then, which I reached home, and according to plan, I changed into my yellow dungarees and opened the workshop for the year 2016.

The walk and grand opening that followed (aka "Takin' down Christmas Lights and Puttin' Chairs Away") went very well. However, during the walk, I was disappointed to see that the artist responsible for a lovely display of metal birdhouses, down by the river, did not supply each with a hole so birds could actually use them.

 "What looks like an entry hole for birds is a black dot -  a rude ruse"

Above: The black dot has been painted gray. "Ouch," says the jay.

Tomorrow I will start building real birdhouses out of real lumber.

Thot: Maybe I should attach two or three nice ones to posts or trees in Harris Park.


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