Saturday, July 22, 2017

Birds, Pt. Bruce and Berries 4.

A Few Surprises!

[Photo: Old-timer on tractor waved to old-timer on motorcycle]

Crossley-Hunter bridge was dead silent until a small tractor rolled by. Few swallows were in the air, and - I was quite surprised - none were under the bridge as in past weeks. I asked myself, have they flown the coop while thinking about brood number two?

I tasted a few small purple berries before returning to my motorcycle. They were indeed elderberries, but the bush did not appear very healthy. Other healthier bushes nearby, which I reckoned were elderberries too, tasted bitter. Not elderberries, for certain.  (My earlier forecasts of a bumper crop do not now include these Crossley-Hunter bushes!) Maybe currants?

I stopped at a couple of other elderberry sites on my way to Pt. Bruce, and my prediction of a "great season for elderberry pies" still stands.

Photos from along the way:

Elderberries, asparagus are between Menno Mex and Luton : )

Lone songster at Crossley-Hunter bridge.

In spite of a few surprises and one regret (I did not take a swimsuit and the water looked and felt lovely), I'll be back on the bike next week, when good weather allows.

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