Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gord's Hop Farm 6.

Just in Time!

Vines are following twine across the gap between lattices.

Hop vines grow before your eyes. I don't know how high or wide they grow in a season but I thought, last week, after noticing mine wanted to grow higher and wider than my first lattice, and along a twine highway I'd attached to the house.

Yesterday I closed the gap between 'first lattice ' and 'second' with a highway of cedar, and though I don't think the hops will fill the second lattice this year, they might next year, after I move a few root balls here and there.

 Four-foot gap is now spanned by a cedar bridge

 Will several vines play "follow the leader?"

 The vines are already more than 20 feet long.

 Hop vines near Port Bruce are already in flower. Not mine.

Not hops. Elderberry bushes are fruiting, also near Port Bruce. 

More views to follow of ripening hops and elderberries.

Please link to Gord's Hop Farm 5.

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