Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gord's Hop Farm 7.

The First Hop Flowers.

[Photo: Gord's Hop Farm, July 22]

I visit a Mount Salem hop farm occasionally while motorcycling toward Port Bruce, and on July 16 hop flowers could be seen. Earlier than mine.

Photos from Hayhoe's hop farm, 2 miles south of Mt. Salem:

June 11 -

July 16 -

I believe my hops are healthy as well, not as tall as Hayhoe's due to my short and wide lattice, but my vines are longer than last year, I believe. I did not notice flowers on my vines until yesterday, and in a week or two we will have quite the show on the back deck.

Photos from Gord's Hop Farm, one-quarter mile southwest of downtown Wortley Village : )

June 9 - 

July 17 - 

My neighbours' shared fence, last fence over, is covered too.

Yesterday, July 22 - 

Flowers to follow.

Please link to Gord's Hop Farm 6.

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