Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"acting up" finale 2

A sister reminded me recently that our mother walked in the spotlight during her younger years and a thot came to mind: I have one photo of mother 'acting up' in a play.

Mother is on the left, head turned, listening to dramatic dialogue.
   The other ladies I do not recognize.
   Note the sparse background.
   Canvas walls and one painting.

Like mother, like son.
My head is turned as I listen to dramatic dialogue.
   I don't know who the other people are.
   Note the sparse background.
   Curtained walls and one painting.

My acting career will likely be much like my mother's.

Short 'n' sweet.

Link to acting up finale

Photos edited by GH


Lannie Good said...

mother was in the play Anne of Green Gables and I believe it was put on in Woodstock..I have several more pictures of this play and one of the girl who played Anne Lannie

G. Harrison said...

I would like copies of two of the best photos from the play, and I'll even pay. : )