Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Port Bruce Revisited 3

Once I arrived in Port Bruce last Sunday I headed straight for the beach for some sun? Nope.

I turned down Rush Creek Rd. to look once again upon the strangest purple martin houses in the area.

["Numbered martin houses made from construction helmets"]

["Several sparrows appear very interested in the houses"]

["No martins yet appear in the area; there are starlings"]

Direction's to W. Cahill's property, upon which now stands a new, more traditional martin house as well as several unconventional ones:

   drive south from Aylmer on highway 73

   once near L. Erie, drive downhill into Pt. Bruce

   turn right on Rush Creek Rd., just before a bridge
   over the creek

   drive 1 km. west to purple martin paradise

Link to Port Bruce Revisited 2

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