Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Workshop: trash or treasure 4

Without doubt the farmer's carry-all box (purchased at The Restore), and the collection of nuts, bolts and washers within it, can be considered treasure. The container is gradually becoming a shadow box and, over time, the contents will easily cover the purchase price.

From now on these posts will fall under a different heading, i.e., shadow box treasure.

[Old pine and ancient western cedar make excellent trim]

[Outer edges = pine; 24 inside cubbies = cedar]

[Trim looks darker now; it's wet with wood conditioner]

Today, if the shop is warm enough, I'll mix up a bit of stain + thinner and see how the shadow box looks with a bit more colour. Sharp-eyed observers will have spotted blue paint on one corner. Why leave it?

A: It adds character.

More progress to follow.

Link to trash or treasure 3

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