Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Workshop

The cats are smilin'

My time in the shop was interrupted yesterday by a seven-year old boy (grandson Ollie) who wanted to play 'bad guy' with me. I was ready for him and agreed.

(He plays the part of a superhero, I play some shlub - aka Bad Guy - and he whips me in a duel involving his super powers vs my old towels and four pillows. Yup, it's great fun).

["Finished barn board duplex w 'surprised cat' goes into storage"] 

["You're sending me to the basement?"]

After I was soundly defeated he ate supper with his grandma and I returned to the shop to finish off four fun-lovin' duplexes (by adding trim and painting smiles on a few cats). And, before my own supper, I had time to select and work on 12 solid birdhouses (from basement shelves) that required just a bit of new trim and paint as well. (More about the 'spruce up' process later).

["Red cedar duplex feels solid and smells delicious!"]

["Maybe I'll plant flowers in the pot"]

["Put cat treats in the pot! And lots of 'em!"]

By most standards, yesterday was a great day. I tried out a new super power of my own on Ollie (wiggling, tickling fingers that can't be stopped), put some smiles on cats faces and set up the shop's to-do list for the next two rainy days. Not bad at all, I say.

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