Tuesday, August 16, 2022

More Photos From The Workshop (10)

 There is Some Duplication of Photos, I Can Explain

There is Some Duplication of Photos, I Can Explain

There are several types of lumber...

...I would like to use again, and again, and again


There is an answer to the question that readers may ask if they have viewed the last 9 entries in this series: "Did I see the same photo of the same birdhouse on more than one occasion, like maybe three times?"

"Could be!"

The reason is easy to explain: After taking photos inside the shop I downloaded them into a file called 'the workshop', and beginning last year, maybe earlier, I started sharing them w viewers before deleting the photos from 'the workshop' file or album... until it was empty. And, it did get empty. Then I started finding photos from the workshop (I bet they were the very same!) in the main file on my iMac called 'Photos'. What I learned recently was this: Deleting files from 'the workshop' file did not delete the photos from 'Photos', the main repository for the 24,000-plus photos I took over the last number of years. 

So, now I'm emptying 'Photos' (from 24,000 to 9,500 as of today) and you're getting to see things at least twice. Clever computer users, maybe even average users, would look at me and laugh, maybe say, "the guy didn't read the manual." You'd be right. And yes, the time readout on my VCR is still flashing, since the 1990s!! 

All that being said, I did have rewarding and profitable fun in the workshop, my tools are all paid off by work done and don't owe me a dime, I have all my fingers (nary a scratch), and I saved myself $3,700 (Canadian) by rebuilding/replacing by backyard fence this summer with recycled fence slats. 

I hope you will enjoy the following recycled photographs from The Workshop:

Great barn board from Fenelon Falls lumber yard

Anya's jewelry box:

Anya worked at my favourite pub and was given a great deal, and I was served some great beers:

The beginning of a new project, an owl box:

Meanwhile, birdhouse production remained steady:

Small cedar boxes are always popular:

Some recycled fir:

Pine boxes, almost ready for the showroom:

Birdhouses set up for a sale:

This box, with lots of dividers, nuts and bolts and corn niblets, cost but a few dollars at a recycling store and ideas popped as soon as I saw it:

The recycled box waited a few minutes while I finished some barn board models:

A backyard birdhouse needs some love and care and paint:

I start adding trim to the recycled box:

Finishing touch:

The sturdy duplexes don't hang around the shop for long:


More to follow, but from the modern era, i.e., related to present day projects.

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