Saturday, August 13, 2022

More Photos From the Workshop (8)

  There are Details re Birdhouses, Mailboxes, Treasure

Boxes And More, Especially More Birdhouses

Shadow box shows off a few fancy lures...

...and a not-so-fancy plastic bobber


The Workshop is a great place to think. While cutting lumber or assembling a project, new ideas start to form. "If I change the size of this, or add a particular feature to that, I'll have a brand new design." Pretty soon one has more ideas than time on the clock.

Please find below about 100 photos taken while working or thinking in the shop:

The cedar came from Joe Flagler's old dock, Fenelon Falls. I paid $500 to have all the wood delivered to London and still have enough for another 50 - 100 more log cabins.

Pine tri-plexes take a long time to make but are real eye-catchers in my opinion:

"Nick's Tackle and Journal Box" was a significant project:

These photographs are shared in the order they were taken. My shop had a few things going on at the same time, apparently!

I was commissioned to build one mailbox, but it is almost as easy to build 3 - 4 at a time, so I did:

What is a 800-pound gorilla doing in my workshop? Anything it wants, of course!

Note the red spoons in above photo. They will show up later.

First sketches of a squirrel box!

First sketches of a 'poetry box' for a friend in 'the 'hood'::

I think the large frame below was used to display fabric art:

Hey, the wooden spoons are bringing in stations as far away as Erie!

Gord enjoys his workshop!

More to follow!

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