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Research: Post-Dieppe, August 26-31, 1942 (Pt. 5)

 There are Good Bits of News from Dieppe, 12 Days Later

Lieut. Jake Koyl Had a Front Row Seat During the Raid

Lieut. Jake Koyl (RCNVR, Combined Operations) was my father's commanding
officer, highly regarded. From The Winnipeg Tribune, August 31, 1942. Pg. 11


Twelve days after the Dieppe Raid news was still arriving in Canada about the overall results. There was even a piece in The Winnipeg Tribune based on an interview with an RCNVR officer who had significant responsibilities during the raid and whose memoirs are posted on this website/blog. The full article - "Canadian Tars Had Hand In Dieppe Raid" - is provided below with more links to material connected to Lieut. Koyl.

The war of course continued on other fronts across the globe and these 35 clippings (not all are separate articles, etc.) from The TRIB provide details that provide some context about what life was like almost three years into the war.

From Monday, August 31, 1942:

And then, on another 'job control' front - 

Though Canadians in Combined Ops were in no way involved in the battle for Stalingrad I still highly recommend that readers hunt for a book about that lengthy, dramatic and highly significant clash. It certainly played a big role in Germany's ultimate defeat.

The above book by Anthony Beevor is very thorough. GH

Would you consider that the Dieppe Raid had some possible, positive outcomes?

A Lieut. Manahan - from honeymoon to a hospital in four days:

The Winnipeg Tribune features letters ("I am alive and well") from POWs in Japan:

One of Canada's best-known and highly prolific war correspondents returns home to share his stories:

Twelve days after the Dieppe Raid we read the 18th Canadian Army casualty list:

"Allied Commandos Raid France" is now showing at the Metropolitan! If you missed it, here's a link to Fox Movietone Newsreels:

Some Commando units had successful missions during the Dieppe Raid. And one of the Commando officers lived to write about it. Below is one of my latest discoveries at a well-stocked London 'used-book' store:

$4.00 Canadian. It's coming up soon on my reading list

More news clippings related to Dieppe follow:

A Mediterranean Commando raid? This is news to me:

The spotlight is now turned onto another war front:

More about "Canadians" at Dieppe from the Editorial Page:

Occasionally we find articles written by a member of the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR). I believe I have posted one or two by an Officer Bartlett who later ended up as a POW because he travelled too far to get a story, i.e., behind enemy lines. This may be the first one I have posted by Lieut. A. O. Tate, RCNVR:

With Britain declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939, and Canada about one week later, both countries are closing in on "War's 3rd Birthday."

Then there was this garbage can called 'Hitler:':

Editors of The Tribune made sure that the names of casualties from Winnipeg were seen in print on a regular basis:

The memoirs by, and stories about, and photographs of Lieut. Jacob (Jack) Koyl - interviewed below - have been featured in several places on this blog/online site. He is featured in my father's memoirs; his written accounts about the Dieppe raid and Sicily are featured in the book Combined Operations by Londoner Clayton Marks; he is mentioned more than once in two volumes of WWII RCNVR veterans' stories, i.e., From St. Nazaire to Singapore: The Canadian Amphibious War 1941 - 1945. In fact, because there is quite a bit of material about Lieut. Koyl, I will create a separate post about him ASAP and link some of the items revealed below to the other items I have on hand. I'll try to do a 'Magnificent Job'.

Here is one of the best photos I have of Lieut. Koyl:

St. Nazaire to Singapore: The Canadian Amphibious War, Vol. 1, pg 194
Many more details re Jake Koyl to follow within the week. GH

A few short items to end the issue of the day:

More research soon to follow related to the news posted in The Winnipeg Tribune (e.g., September 1 - 8, 1942) 2 - 3 weeks after the Dieppe Raid, August 19, 1942.

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