Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Artsy Fartsy 2

Compact City - Close Up

My wife says I should do more artwork and make a million dollars and then redo the kitchen. So, I will get right on that.

Link to Artsy Fartsy

Artwork by GH $1,000,000

Photo GH


Lannie Good said...

I agree with Pat, you are so good at art..I'm enjoying my art lessons too..enjoying your pictures of Scotland..You also do wonderful wood got all the talents don't L.Dee

G. Harrison said...

Hi Lannie,
The more we do the better we get, keep doing your art lessons, especially if you are having fun. I have been asked to attend a bazaar on Saturday, to sell birdhouses, so I will be busy tomorrow getting two dozen ready to go. Always something going on.
Hello to Jeem too!