Friday, December 5, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

Edinburgh Castle and More

["I definitely stayed in the heart of Edinburgh"]

I took the above photos on October 24 while walking to another pre-arranged apartment in Edinburgh, situated very close to the Castle. It was also less than 100 steps away from another highly recommended tourist attraction (see below).

 ["To craft beer drinkers. My apartment was a mere
94 steps from a unique brewery on Cowgate Lane"]

 ["Close by was historic Magdalen Chapel (highly regarded stained glass).
Inscription over the door: HE THAT HATH PITIE UPON

 ["Inside Magdalen Chapel I was caught up short"]

 ["It's all uphill to Edinburgh Castle from Cowgate Lane"]

 ["I faced another uphill journey inside the Castle"]

 ["Go through Foog's Gate to get to the very top"]

 [As I left the Castle a woman asked, "Have you seen a Lou?"
I said, "Sorry, I'm from Canada. Don't know a soul."]

[Halfway through my second pint at Brew Dog Brewery
I thought, "Oh, now I know what that lady meant!"]

More to follow.

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