Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

Friends of Combined Operations - October 25

I spent the morning of the 25th enjoying a strenuous walk-about in central Edinburgh, the afternoon with new friends Geoff and Margaret Slee at the southern edge of the great city, and part of the evening at Brew Dog Brewery, steps from my apartment.

 ["Edinburgh, home of the war time slogan "Up yerr nose!"]

I say now the day was exceptional in every way, especially because of the lengthy conversation with Geoff, creator of a website featuring the history of a WW2 organization called Combined Operations, in which my father was involved from 1941 - 45.

["Geoff Slee and Gord, men in stripes"]

Geoff and Margaret treated me to a lunch of my choosing - Geoff's homemade soup. Excellent.

And the evening's pints weren't bad either.

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