Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Afternoon Walk - Downtown

Me and My Future Digs

 ["Sturdy shoes will carry me a thousand miles"]

Properly attired in sturdy shoes and several warm layers of plaid and denim (a very Canadian thing, eh), I walked downtown to pick up hockey tickets recently and saw - lo and behold - me and a future apartment for my wife and I. (Okay. That's if I can convince her. Not easy!)

["The Jail Birds: These downtown condos are small and cozy"]

["Ye Olde Courthouse: I've got my eye on the upstairs apartment w balcony"]

Getting into fun and fitness walks while living in Downtown London would be easy. I'd just walk to Wortley Village for coffee and groceries every second day. Every day if my wife hands me a list.

: )

Link to My Afternoon Walk

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