Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

Edinburgh by Train and Walk-About - October 23

["Newcastle on Tyne Station. Next stop - Edinburgh, Scotland"]

Over five full weeks ago I travelled by train to Edinburgh from London, England, unloaded at Waverley Station and found my way to tidy apartment accommodation. Within an hour I was enjoying my first walk-about in a fabulously historic and architecturally ornate city. Short stories will follow, but first, take a peek.

 ["Waverley Station on left, North Bridge Street on upper right.
Expensive hotel in background and I'm going the other way"]

["To get to my apartment I must first climb The Scotsman Steps"]

["Calton Hill in background. Rainbow points to Adm. Nelson's monument"]

["Safe and sound in my first Edinburgh apartment"]

["My walk-about in Edinburgh begins outside my door"]

["I will tourrr the Edinburrrgh Castle on the morrrrow"]

["One of my favs: View from the Castle's parking lot - forr weee carrrs"]

["Oh, I like this one," I said. "Don't touch ett, ye wee mann," I was told]

Around every corner I encountered more cobbled streets curving this way and that, heading uphill and down, countless rugged buildings of ancient brick and stone, more gawking tourists, more lively talk, more wee shops with alluring products and features. I took scores of photos during my first walk-about (hundreds more were to follow during my four days in Edinburgh) but I kept one thing in mind, i.e., to get back to my apartment before dark and cozy up to a good meal and add a few pages to my journal. I did that and more.

So, more to follow.

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