Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Workshop - Future Tasks

Future Starts Now

 ["The cheque is in the mail," I say]

Busy day in the shop. I'd better get started soon.

First up - phone call to Gord M. re "mailbox is ready"

["High-tech day planner keeps me highly organized"]

Second - glue six rainbow trout to Nick's cedar box, then apply first coat of varnish

Third - set aside the second mailbox for Christmas

Fourth - contact brother Kim re "gimme details re this chair you want"

["About my western cedar supply. What one first sees looks scrappy"]

Fifth - continue cutting western cedar deck boards into useful slats, to be used in four bird feeders

Six - dust off the Tonka plane for flight to airport

More than dust will be flying today. I will be too.

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