Sunday, December 21, 2014

Halifax Trip 2

Great Time in Ottawa

["I met Nelson Langevin, veteran of Royal
Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve"]

I am currently working on a black and white version of a book of short stories (colour version all ready for Christmas) about my summertime motorcycle trip to Halifax. I reached the 'half done' point of the book about 30 minutes ago. Or would that be called 'half baked'?

["I rode a 1995 Virago on the highway
but a funky blue glider in Ottawa"]

While typing and editting I recalled that many good things happened at the War Museum in Ottawa on Monday, June 23. I met a WW2 veteran who knew my father, was a member of Combined Operations and had many positive tales to tell. I was able to put him in touch with another Comb. Ops mate he did not know was still alive.

As a way of recording significant events of the trip I took dozens of photographs and kept a daily journal. That being said, I'll never forget spotting the Combined Operations insignia embroidered in Nelson's tie or finding tall poppies in the long grass atop the museum's roof.

I won't forget being speechless, too overwhelmed for words, while someone snapped the photo of Nelson and I. Yup, good things happened.

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