Monday, December 22, 2014

The Way We Roll

Up Close Food

So many of us love our food. We love air-brushed photos, close ups, the smell of food on the stove, in the oven, coming toward us on a wide plate. We cherish the sight of it in fat recipe books, glossy magazines and on our supper plates. It's everywhere and we would live inside a restaurant with a great chef if we could. We love our food. That's the way we roll.

We love simple food too, don't we? Like a warmed-up, processed cheddar-cheese slice (21 seconds in the microwave; 22 would be just a bit much, eh) spread over top of tuna salad on peanut butter on toast. I ate two slices of that combo for lunch while I prepared two perfectly timed hard-boiled eggs. Oh, man, I'm good at this. Two things going at once in my own cozy, small village kitchen.

I got the eggs just right. The shells peeled off in seconds and I had butter and pepper waiting.

Oh, man, stand back, you're in my way - and I'm packing a fork!

We love our food and know how to dress things up to slide down our throats with panache. ($6.95 a dozen if you know where to find it).

Come to Papa!

That's the way we roll.

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