Monday, December 1, 2014

The Workshop - Unique Frame

From Rescued Lumber

As I recall, I rescued the strips of stained pine lumber for the sides of this one-of-a-kind frame from a bed found on a curb a few blocks south of my home on Cathcart St. I spotted it - still fully assembled - while doing errands, inspected it and realized all I needed to take it apart was one Allen key. I delivered it to the workshop in my wee Civic within the hour.

The horizontal slats of well-dried and decorative cedar (filling the frame) were offered to me by a skilled wood worker who had leftovers after completing his own project. I said, Oh, I love leftovers. (Still do).

I was asked, by the frame's new owner (poet and creator of colourful fabric designs) about the black strips. I cut out and painted those strips separately, and glued them into place, after cutting out shallow grooves (using the table saw) on each side of the four framing pieces.

Details. I like details.

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Christine Montgomery said...

It's glorious!

G. Harrison said...

I look forward to seeing a fabric design displayed within it some day soon. Thumbs up.