Saturday, October 11, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny

Eat More What?

During yesterday's fun and fitness walk I noticed two messages displayed in front of neighbours' houses: Eat More Fish (turkeys will be pleased); Eat More Kale.

My first thought: I will, I will. I'll put the two together, and 'sea' what I come up with. My second: I know something else we should be eating on a regular basis.

["Did this guy knock the rooster off the feeder?"]

I think we should be eating more seeds and grain, especially those in the birdseed mix I use, because the squirrels really love it, and so do the birds if there is a bit left over after the greedy, bushy-tailed rodents finish Hoovering the feeder.

I'll read the list of ingredients to see what makes the mix so special, then add it to my diet.

PS - Did you think I was going to suggest squirrel meat? I read it sells well in the UK.

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