Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scotland 2014

I have been ignoring my blog while in Scotland because the download process for even one photo a day is a tiring, frustrating experience.

Imagine a piper at the corner of North Bridge and The Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Pretend you hear the piper play Amazing Grace.

Today I walked to the top of Calton Hill where stands a monument dedicated to Admiral Horatio Nelson, one of my father's childhood idols and one reason why he chose to volunteer for duty with the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve during World War 2. To find more information about another organization he voluntarily joined in WW2 - Combined Operations - and see some of the Comb. Ops' training grounds I travelling in Scotland for two weeks.

Be prepared upon my return in a few days to view over 2,000 photos and several short stories, guaranteed to be riveting, over a period of one month or more.

Imagine your excitement! 😎 😎

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