Monday, October 6, 2014

Scotland 2014

Step Five - More Prep Work

Undoubtedly, when in Scotland from Oct 14 - 29, I will complete several scenic drives, hike into the hills, complete several 'walk-abouts' through wee towns looking for a cozy pub and hot meat pie, and snap over 1,000 photos and videos along the way. These things will all be done by habit, along with others. For certain I'll awake early everyday, slowly recall where I am, throw the covers off, splash water in my face and get going. The clock will be a-tickin'.

Today I put important matters in order. I'll write to the library in Irvine, my first stop on the SW coast, about 40 miles from Glasgow. I'll ask if they are willing to accept a copy of my father's Navy memoirs for their collection of books. He trained for Combined Operations outside of Irvine (Camp Dundonald, Auchengate), enjoyed a visit with the Cricksmere family at 22 Waterside St. while on leave (he mentions three girls and their brother) and was involved in a well-known training incident in the waters not far from where I am staying on Harbour Street.

Also important: I need to buy a watch, contact a few town newspapers to see if microfiche records exist from the 1940s, look at the menus for two pubs (highly recommended) in Edinburgh and connect with two important gentlemen, i.e., Geoff Slee, the creator of www.combinedops (re Combined Operations, WW2) and Jim Jepson, an expert re locations of training grounds in Inveraray, my second stop.

All in good time I will have a full and interesting slate.

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