Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Workshop

Waiting, Waiting

 ["Five BHs made of the best Fenelon Falls barn board"]

After a batch of birdhouses is assembled they wait around. And wait around some more.

["Six log cabin BHs made chiefly from rescued red cedar"]

Then, one day, when other chores are done, I declare, "Let's all have a 'full-on trim day."

["'Harrison Specials' made of red cedar and barn board"]

["The best of the best barn board in Ontario. The last of it too : ( "]

I put on my workshop jeans, cut strips of trim with a thin, sharp blade, get out the short nails and go to town.

Really, there's nothing like getting the birdhouses all souped up and shipped to the big city.

Link to The Workshop

Photos by GH

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