Friday, October 3, 2014

The Workshop

Houses by the Tonne

Now that a few major projects have been delivered - with care, from the shop to satisfied clients - I have space on the shelves for my next assignment. From a tonne of new and rescued lumber I wish to make about 3 dozen more birdhouses of various shapes and sizes.

 ["Three from lumber from the 'cull pile'"]

 ["Six fussy log cabins. Some will sport painted roofs"]

["Five singles using fine barn board from Handley Lumber, Fenelon Falls"]

When the shelves are full I will then wish for a windy day. I will sweep old dust out the door, then set up a sanding machine on the outer deck and create a lot of new dust. If you smell old pine and cedar in the air next windy day, pop over, lend a hand. I'll sand 'em, you stack 'em. Snacks will be provided.

: )

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