Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Workshop - Clearing the Decks (4)

Lots of Rescued Lumber

When I see a bit of green stain on lumber I know where the wood came from and who rescued it. From my house reno, six or seven years ago. Me.

When I see old, dry lathe w a bit of plaster I recall when Big Steve dropped it off 1 - 2 summers ago with the words, 'I was going to trash it but I thought of you'.

["I like it when Big Steve drops by w old scraps"]

["Great cedar for roofs I found on the curb, one block away"]

["Nice trio of houses made fully from rescued bits"]

["All the houses are waiting for 'full-on trim day'"]

I cut up some beautiful barn boards recently, for four large-sized birdhouse, and recalled a trip to the Dorchester landfill site - again, 6 - 7 years ago - w D. Kelly. I thought rustic barn board was treasure at the time. Now I'm sure.

["One can easily tell old barn board from the new"]

["A set of four will look great w blue wash paint. Just you wait"]

There are still several old boards hiding inside The Annex in my backyard. I'll get to them when I can, and see if I can recall their origin.

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