Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scotland 2014

Upgrade, Downgrade

["These tranquil waters lie very close to the heart of ancient Dalriada"]

Loch Crinan, Argyll (shown above) is a rare beauty of a spot in my travel zone. Maybe I'll get there after a visit to the tea room on the island of Kerrera, down the road a piece from Oban.

Speaking of room. My first night's accommodation in Edinburgh was cancelled by the apartment owner (Andy discovered I was an old, cranky, dust-covered Canadian?) but I was back on track within the hour, in digs even closer to Edinburgh Castle and another interest or two high on my list.

My new digs (an upgrade via Airbnb):

["I'll be sleeping pretty..."]

[...with lots of bedtime reading"]

["I like to cook! Photos above from Airbnb's website"]

Because of the ups and downs associated w travel, particularly in hilly Scotland, I've been heading out for hour-long walks before my trip so my old legs don't get left behind.

["Ooot and abooot and goin' downhill to Thames Park"]

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