Monday, October 13, 2014

My Morning Walk

Great Walk-about

I locked the workshop door yesterday at 2:30 and tightened the laces on my old running shoes. One more walk, I thought. Get one more in before Scotland. Off I went with a sense of determination.

I did my turn-around on the ever-lovely Blackfriar's Bridge a few minutes after three o'clock and pointed my nose toward Old South and home. My mind was active, thinking abooot my upcoming trip to Scotland. I'll walk a lot in Irvine, Inveraray and Oban, I said to myself. Hit a couple of hills on the way home. Do ya good.

["Thank goodness the public bathroom was open at The Forks"]

["Scotland's weather, according to forecasts, will not be as lovely"]

The whole hour-long walk did me good. I now look forward to uphills and downhills wherever I may go.

PS I'll be back for more good walk-abouts in Old Londontown in about two-and-a-half weeks. See ya then.

Link to My Morning Walk

Photos by GH

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