Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Scotland 2014

Step Two

 ["Lots of possibilities: Two week's worth of tramping about"]

Buy tickets - check. Study maps - check. 

Scotland is a wee country compared to Canada but is home to remnants of my family's history. Gordon plaid, Huntley Castle: Sure, I'll likely inherit the rights to both one day but for now I'm more interested in visiting people and places with direct links to Combined Operations, an organization my father was part of, as a volunteer, during WW2.

["Irvine, Troon will likely be my first stops after landing in Glasgow"]

He landed as an O/D Seaman (ordinary) in Greenock, Scotland in late 1941 and was soon travelling back and forth between training camps in NW Scotland (e.g., HMS Quebec near Inveraray, Auchengate Camp near Irvine and Troon) and southern England (e.g., HMS Northney on Hayling Island, Southampton, Southend-on-Sea) as he prepared to man barges in such places as Dieppe, North Africa, Sicily and Italy. He had a full itinerary in the UK between December 1941 and December 1943 and I'm hoping to do a few walk abouts in places he visited in Scotland. (Southern England is for another day).

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