Friday, October 3, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny

Less Damage to Our Homes?

The tally, re trapped squirrels, has increased to 11. Perhaps the bill for damages to our house will decrease. (I know we have had squirrels in our attic in the past. Did critters leave a mess for me to clean up one day?)

 ["M. Lincoln writes about damage to wiring caused by friendly squirrels"]
["I feed 'em carrots w PB, catch 'em, and deliver them to faraway places"]

 ["Squirrels chew holes in houses and then rain water can create a mess"]

The gray squirrel got away. It scampered out of the trap - like gray greased lightning - as the doors were closing! But, when I have a minute, I'll load a carrot w more PB.

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