Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Morning Walk

Wayward Man Heads East Again

My last post concerning 'my morning walk' mentions a trip to the east coast of Canada in June of this year. I got back from Halifax and started into the walking routine again. And I'm still walking, this time in preparation for another trip - this time farther east, all the way to Scotland.

During yesterday's walk around Old South I spotted a small but very pretty porch. I took pictures from three angles because I wanted to see what I was working with, i.e., the amount of space available for a custom mailbox, now on order for Christmas.

So, off I go to Scotland, and upon my return I will continue my walks and busy times in the workshop. Orders aren't piled to the roof but I think I'll be busy 'til Christmas Eve.

Morning walks will be easy in the winter time because I wear hiking boots in the shop to keep my feet warm. I'll just shovel a path through the snow to my back gate... and away we go!

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