Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Workshop

The Big Slowdown

 ["Ten minutes for a second coat this AM"]

Regular readers will know I will soon be on vacation - five or more time zones east of the shop - and at some point tramping through purple heather in the hills behind Inveraray, Scotland.

But, before I lock the workshop doors for two weeks I've been busy trying to clear the decks, so I won't have tonnes to do for a birdhouse sale in early November. I want to be ready already but there are still a few things to do, i.e., apply second coats of red paint and add trim to several items.

["I can add trim to some blue-roofed BHs and clear the deck... a bit"]

["I'll see these in about three weeks, and that's OK. They're almost done"]

No way will I have it all done before takeoff, but my mind will rest easier if I at least sweep the floor today and give the place one last 'look around'.

T'umbs up and off I go.

Link to The Workshop

Photos by GH

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