Monday, October 6, 2014

The Workshop - Clearing the Decks

Assembly Line is Rolling

["Henry Ford would spot 'the efficiencies' in my production line"]

I build several log cabin birdhouses every year because my simple design is easy to follow and it eats up bits of stock that have few other uses, unless one has the patience to make toothpicks or has matches and a firepit handy.

["99% of the cabin is made from rescued western cedar"]

From small pieces of rescued lumber I can make sets of logs, thin slats for roofs, triangles for two matching faces (front and back) and a base.

FYI - Bases are especially important. They keep the first tier of logs firmly in place as other tiers are nailed on top, and they keep birds from falling out the bottom.

["The gray roof ridge (1% of total) is made from new lumber scrap"] 

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