Sunday, May 19, 2013

a bag of hammers 2

The three hammers each had an individual feel and spoke of their own unique contribution to the world around us. The shadow boxes I constructed set them off well, in my opinion, and gave me an opportunity to say a word or two... on behalf of hard working hammers - and those that grip them firmly, with authority - everywhere.

["hard work builds muscle, improves your appearance
and fosters creativity"]

["your strength and creativity enlivens a simple
hammer with power and production"]

["in order to move to the front
put your back into your work"]

Modern technology has produced many gains in production and fosters human creativity, some would say more so than hammers. But there is much to be gained by being directly connected to one's work, even the building of a birdhouse or set of matching shelves. Jobs that produce a physical and mental sense in achievement as mind, muscle, hammer and nails work together are not to be sniffed at or abandoned. And if technology robs men and women of good work then we have set a fox among the hens.

So, keep a hammer handy. Keep your mind at work.

Photo by GH


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