Sunday, May 5, 2013

history in a box (3)

Step by step six shadow boxes came together inside the workshop this week. Three boxes were for historic, century-old hand-forged hinges that once kept barn doors or gates in good working order. The village blacksmith who did the hammer work likely had shoulders thrice the size of my own and muscled arms that could lift a wagon out of any deep rut.

["100-year old wood for shadow boxes came from my own house"]

Thanks to modern technology, i.e., an electric table and miter saw, sander, and brad nailer, the various sides of boxes were ready for danish oil in record time. After a quick wipe down I started the enjoyable task of arranging odd bits and pieces from my father's barn door onto a platform (aged wood from a plank from his barn as well), where they were soon wired into place.

["The boxes and platforms are likely from white pine"]

Other hinges were then placed atop their platforms and black (with paint) plywood backer boards. And later I nailed the plywood into a suitable deep frame or box.

The three hinges now sit in their new resting places waiting for a final touch.

What might that be?

Photos by GH


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