Monday, May 13, 2013

Things I Like: some keys are very expensive

I was told this morning how much I would have to pay to fix the innards of my remote-entry car key. (The new battery I put in last week didn't bring it back to life).

!$115!$   !$115!$

["Some keys are more than expensive"]

Several of the things I could spend $115 on ran through my mind:

lumber (I can buy enough red cedar for 2 - 3 dozen birdhouses, worth $500 at least)

hockey (I can buy 6 regular season OHL London Knights tickets or half a season's worth of old-timer hockey, pour moi)

craft beer (five lovely trips to Milos Craft Beer Emporium at Talbot and Carling, or 30 - 35 bottles at the LCBO)

valuable supplies (food, gear for the shop, t-shirts, etc.)

I said to the dealer, "I can still open and close the car door with just the key, right?"

He nodded and I promptly drove home.

All I have to do now is remember to lock the door manually when it's filled with lumber, hockey tickets, beer, or other valuable supplies.

Life is about priorities : ) Wish me luck.

Photo by GH


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Linda McKinlay said...

Love your website. I received one of your amazing birdhouses for Mother's Day from my son and daughter-in-law and have a question. Should I put varathane, or some other kind of preservative on it before leaving outside? Don't want it to get ruined by this stupid weather.
Linda McKinlay

G. Harrison said...

Hi Linda,

If you were given a log-cabin-style house, it is made of fir, and I removed most of its thin coat of varathane before assembly. Fir, like pine, will age gracefully, and turn to brownish-gray within a year or so. If you'd like to add some protection from the weather (not much is needed in my opinion), I recommend a light coat of linseed oil only. I use it on occasion w a bit of maple stain included, to add mid-brown colour. Don't buy linseed oil or maple stain if you don't have the items on hand; I have a mix you are welcome to use, no extra charge : ) My workshop is open most afternoons 'til 6 p.m. If my personal tag came w the house it will have my phone # and email address. E.g., Email and I'll send street address.