Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bird watching: "Made in the shade"

["I caught sight of Mrs. C. from behind
a make-shift bird blind"]

Now that a neighbour's tree is of a certain size, the birdhouses facing my back deck are "made in the shade" most hours of the day. And early this morning chickadees were seen checking them out and wondering if the holes were the right size, if the interiors were spacious enough for a family, if the lend-lease agreement was affordable. (It is!)

[Mrs. C. says, "Looks good from this angle."]

["Some of the kids could have their own bedroom"]

["Can I put up with that dusty fellow
gawking at me from behind his laundry?"]

Just a half hour ago Mrs. C. and her mate were seen flitting about two other birdhouses in my garden. Hopefully, they'll decide soon to sign on the dotted line for one of the homes in my yard.

Stay tuned.

Photos by GH


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