Friday, May 3, 2013

dressing up a big, bold birdhouse

It's a 30-pounder at least and - yesterday, while leaning over a deck railing - I was barely up to the challenge of lifting it over my head and placing it snugly atop a 10-foot pole. Perfect, I thought, after massaging straight my crooked back.

Today, life in the shop will be easier. I will continue the process of dressing up the biggest birdhouse I've made this year.

Perches, freshly painted score board, baseball 'odds and sods'. Whatever I finish today will be easier on the back that the overhead lift.

Within days the birdhouse will be ready for delivery to a grand location, i.e., near a hale and hearty group of trees just west of the right field stands at Labatt Memorial Park in downtown London.

Perfect again, I say.

Photos by GH


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