Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Ann Landers. Should she ditch the guy?

Dear Lynda. If you've got a friend who walks straight to your fridge after entering your home, you've got a problem. Sure, maybe you're a great cook, crazy about food and leftovers, but your friend is the most ill-mannered clod I've read about this week.

 [London Free Press, back issue]

I'd be saying, "Back away from the fridge, Bub. And close the door. Unless you want this to be the last time you get an invite over here. Nobody touches my potato salad 'til lunch is served."

["A healthy lunch. And it's mine until I say different"]

Lynda, set some ground rules fast or else readers will lose all respect for you, no matter how good you think your leftovers taste. I can get my head around your 'pizza with a rice pudding chaser for breakfast' but I can't digest your acceptance of clod-like behaviour in your own house.

And don't take just my word for it. There are others who will say the same.

Pssst. Ann. Should she ditch the guy?

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