Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"and the dish ran away with the spoon"

In my humble opinion, my first set of shadow boxes (Hinges 1 - 3) turned out "not too bad." I will soon decide where to hang them so that large numbers of people will see them and say such things as, "So, what's this? Hinges, eh? Why box them up like this?"

["Good workmanship, especially in metal, lasts several lifetimes"]

And in a related matter, a good friend, and frequent visitor to my shop, recently popped over with a great discovery in hand.

"Look at what I found while digging in my backyard," he said. He then showed me an old silver-plated spoon, seriously bent out of shape by an auger, with an interesting maker's mark on the reverse.

["Does '1847 Rogers Bros X S Triple' spell a fortune?"]

"The 'X S' stamp means it was made before 1900," he said, and then asked if I could put it into its own shadowbox, to be displayed in his kitchen.

Whatever the history of the spoon (Did it run away for a tryst with some dish? Was it ever placed in the mouth of some rich man's heir?) I will gladly place it inside a special frame, because human history is best served upon our walls.

Photos by GH


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