Wednesday, May 29, 2013

avian antics

Something caught the corner of my eye yesterday - I turned my head; birds were afoot - and I quietly returned my hammer to the work bench. I reached for the camera in my back pocket. (The following shots were taken through my workshop window.

["I see you, Mrs. Cardinal, and I think you see me"]

["She rejoined her partner nearby"]

The female cardinal hopped behind a small bench and her mate came out of its shadows. They began talking about the different seeds they'd found upon the ground, and perhaps about me. I froze, and was soon a witness to behaviour and antics I'd not seen before.

[Male bird: "I've got a special morsel for you, Honey"]

Several times I saw the male offer a seed or two and feed the female. He would hop over to her, they would both turn their heads toward one another - as if to kiss - and he'd say, "Pop goes the weasel." (Or something to that affect.) Very interesting, in my opinion.

Better yet, on two occasions I saw the male dance in the air after the feeding ritual as if to say, "She likes me! She really likes me!"


Have you noticed this avian antic, or others?

Photos by GH


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