Saturday, May 11, 2013

more about 'history in a box'

The workshop is a busy place these days. I just finished a big project and am now onto another set of three shadow boxes. I've displayed historic hinges in three wooden boxes and feel it's now time to show off hard hitting hammers, because I want to send a message, i.e., hard work never hurt anybody.

But I have one last word about one particular hinge and accompanying lock and key. The items are from my dad's barn (in Norwich, Ontario), a century old, leaning-to-one-side type of structure that was once commonly seen inside small villages, towns and cities in SW Ontario.

[Wood from Dad's barn and my own house
in London look pretty good together"] 

Dad's barn is ten-years gone, along with so many others. And I wish it wasn't and I wish I had one like it so I could have a larger workshop (oh, I wish!) and build things that would last even half as long.

["Water colour by Edith Harrison (my mother);
the barn door above (opened) is currently my workshop door"] 

My projects may not, like me, have long legs, but I'll often be found in the busy workshop 'giving it a go' at any rate.

Photos by GH


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