Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Osprey at Labatt Park

I recently finished a large birdhouse destined for Labatt Memorial Park, home of the world's oldest baseball grounds. It was built with a lot of trim attached, except under the entry to the back apartment. Not that I'd run out of ideas, but "there seemed to be enough." Bats, balls, ball gloves, score board,  signage here and there. Lots.

["Can you spot the humble back apartment (left)?"]

However, last Friday night, as I walked to the park to watch the London Majors' home opener, I spotted an osprey flying over head bearing supper in its talons. Fast food on the fly, I thought. Then an idea sprang to mind.

[Something to perhaps make a sharp-eyed fan say,
"Hey, our osprey!"]

Watch for the osprey and its gigantic nest above the third base bleachers next time you visit the world's finest baseball grounds.

Photos by GH


Please click here to view a 'striking close up'

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