Thursday, May 9, 2013

world's oldest baseball grounds

Since 1877 baseball has been played near the fork of the Thames River in London, Ontario in what was once called Tecumseh Park and is presently known as Labatt Memorial Park. Players uniforms have changed drastically, the scoreboard too, but not the location, not the sweet spot the grounds possess in the heart of our city.

Come out to the London Majors Baseball team's home opener on Friday, May 17. Take a walk around the park and enjoy the history of the place, the century-old buildings (once dressing-rooms), fine hot dogs, a gigantic osprey's nest behind the left field stands and a rugged birdhouse under one of the finest sugar maples in Canada.

["This big birdhouse will be arriving by truck shortly"]

The sweet spot may well be the best deal in town.

Photos by GH


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Barry Wells said...

Outstanding creation, Gord.

I want the side apartment.

G. Harrison said...

Barry, you're tops on the waiting list.