Thursday, May 30, 2013

it strikes me funny: at a snail's pace 2

I had choices to make. I made one. I'm not saying it was the right one, but the results were interesting. Instead of tossing a snail, parked on a deck outside my shop, into the bushes I put a few drops of beer into the wet patch surrounding it... and watched and wondered. Would the sugar boost help it move on its own, with something resembling vigour?

[The Snailman: "This water has a bite to it. Citra hops?"]

["I'd like to stick around for more but Harrison has big feet"]

In my opinion (and I'm no scientist or expert on all things snail related), but I think The Snailman exhibited a good deal of energy over the next 60 minutes. And I've got the close-ups to prove it.

Sure, some will say, "Harrison should put his camera away, get up off his workshop floor and get a life." But I say, snails are colourful and cool.

["North is good. But which way is north?"] 

More to follow... slowly.

Photos by GH


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