Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the short end of the stick

Some readers already know - from numerous, i.e., endless, posted photos - that part of the 'full-on trim package' for my birdhouses is a stick with a birdhouse on the end, to act as a perch or eye-catcher. They are usually placed behind the birdhouse after I finish stapling or nailing a wee house onto driftwood, etc., hopefully - I say hopefully because I often have a hard time manipulating wee things with my stubby fingers - without putting a staple into my thumb. (So far, so good! Except for that time two months ago!)

I asked myself recently, can I improve my efficiency level re making wee houses?

I said, yes. Make 8 - 10 at a time and keep your eye on the ball. Store 'em in a cubby nearby.

So I did. No miscues!

Photos by GH 


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