Friday, May 17, 2013

"and the dish ran away with the spoon" 2

["Barn board from the Kawarthas for the shadowbox"]

This afternoon, under sunny skies, I cut four pieces of barn board for the frame of a shadowbox (for a friend). Shortly after putting the saw away, I sanded and assembled the frame. Easy kap-easy. Then the process got a little fussier.

Shadowboxes are, in chief, about the content, and in this case a spoon well over a century old, dug up recently by a six-inch auger. I thought, how can I display a smashed-up spoon? Out came thin wire and sharp snips, and before too long the spoon was securely attached to its two-layer platform.

Thanks to previous experience with shadowboxes, I soon wedded the platform and my friend's spoon to the ready frame.

["Text: Never want for another's spoon,
But hold on to your own spoon very carefully.
Jacob, (Holocaust) Survivor"] 

Photos by GH


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