Monday, May 27, 2013

it strikes me funny: old money bags

it happened this way and it made my day.

["I have something for you"]

I walked into a local coffee shop Saturday afternoon. two girls behind the counter looked at me funny. (no probs. I get that a lot). I looked down to see if my shirt was tucked in properly. it was. life is good, I thought. little did I know.

"here," said one, reaching toward the till. "I have something for you, Gord." she handed me a wrinkled paper bag.

["What did I do to deserve this?"]

I looked at the bag. I looked at the side counter. a big birdhouse was missing. sale!

only a few things in life make me feel better than turning rescued lumber into a birdhouse or getting handed a bag of money on a Saturday afternoon.

yup. I gotta get a life.

photos by gah


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