Monday, May 13, 2013

fun and fitness: more miles and books to go

I didn't do much reading and riding from Feb. 25 - Mar. 10 because of a mini-vacation that stretched out longer than expected. So I neglected (and lost) about 200 miles worth of 'fun and fitness'.

["I was once 762.4 mi. ahead of my goal. Now I'm at +583.8"]

However, here it is about two months later and I'm back to my regular routine - with hockey and cycling (chiefly exercise bike) - and I've also added one weekly bike ride with a running group. I may even go for a run in the near future, after winter is truly over.

["WW2 history buffs will enjoy this lengthy series"]

While riding the exercise bike I have books and hockey playoffs on TV to keep me fully occupied. 'PT boats' (from the 'Ballantines Illustrated' series) will be finished within the week, I'm certain. And I feel no need to buy another basketful of WW2 books; six more are close at hand, i.e., waiting in the wings.

Last night a paragraph from the introduction to 'PT boats' caught my attention.

I felt the author was indirectly referring to my father (he wrote about his time in the 'wavy navy') along with young Brits, and others. Dad joined the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve in 1941 (discharged 1945), motivated in part by his love for ships and the sea.

Good books (also in part) continue to motivate me to spin for over 100 miles per week.

Whatever works, I say, for the sake of fun and fitness.

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