Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bird Watching

What Are the Odds? Snick!

 ["The rooster was hit hard and popped his solar panel"]

Very shortly after I placed a solar-powered rooster atop my bird feeder to guard the seed, my nemesis, an athletic weasel-like squirrel, jumped from a nearby spruce bough and hit the metal bird with a vicious tackle. Together they crashed to the ground.

The noise and my wits settled quickly and I surveyed the damage. The rooster was planted beak-deep in my lawn and the nervous squirrel sat atop a fence rail licking its wounds. Never had I seen such a desperate and hilarious encounter between metal and living beast.

["Face plant!!"]

["Send me in, Coach!"]

Round Two followed shortly thereafter while I worked inside my backyard shop. Rooster - 2. Squirrel - no score. I then took my staple gun out to the feeder - snick, snick, snick, snick (the sound of stapling metal feet to a wooden roof) - and made the rooster's guard duty a permanent arrangement.

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